How to Buy Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

The Christmas time is around the corner and you are thinking of buying some present to your boss or don’t know what to get your boss for Christmas 2016? Just don’t worry, we will help you figure out. May be you are not 100% sure of the right gift to get him or the type of item he will appreciate. May be he or she is just new on the seat and you want to impress him or her with a great Christmas gift. But you are somewhat confused about what to buy. Here are some tips to help you make a right choice.

What do you know about your boss?

You may have worked for years with him or just for few days. What can say about him with these few days you have been with him? What type of personality is he? What type of leisure activities does he or she like?


The answer to the above question will help you to determine his interest and what his lifestyle is. You can start brainstorming, if you are able to determine what his lifestyle are. If you are not able to answer these questions because you are not very familiar with your boss, it is recommendable that you engage him or her in conversation. You may ask about their family, their vacation and how they spend it. You can also try to find out about their favorites sports. From your personal conversation with your boss, you will know what his lifestyle or interest is.

Determine your size of budget


You should determine the amount you will like to spend on the gift. However, you have to be very careful and smart here. It is important that you buy him something good and valuable but you don’t have to go for high end products. If you buy expensive gift item, your boss may think that you want to buy him over. To avoid making him to be suspicious, you have to limit yourself to about $100 worth of item. You should also consider your salary when you are making your budget. Your boss knows you salary. For example, if you are paid $100 per month, it does not make sense to get your boss an item of $50 which is half of your salary. Your boss may suspect that you are making money through secret means in your office.

Avoiding pranks

The gift item is for your boss and so, you should not add pranks to it. Adding pranks to it may be wrongly interpreted by your boss. So, you have to go for only physical gift. However, this does not mean that you should not go for humorous gift items if your boss has high sense of humor.

Give items you crafted

If you are a do-it-yourself guy and you have some art skills, you may consider crafting a nice item for your boss. Crafting the item yourself will make it to be less expensive and also offers you an opportunity to give it a personal touch. You can arrange with your group so that you people will craft the item as a group and present it as a group gift. This will also make your boss not to think that you want to win his or her favor.

Wrap the gift very well


Whatever present you have for your boss, it is good that you give it a person touch when you are wrapping it. Look for a nice wrapper to wrap the gift item and top it with things like ribbon. Write something meaningful on the gift. Signing the gift is not enough. You have to write things that explain why you are giving him or her the gift. Typical example of what to write is ‘it is nice working for you’, ‘I really gain a lot from your experience’ and things like that.

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