What do men really want to receive for this Christmas 2016?

There is no better time to gift something to your boyfriend than Christmas. All you need is a perfect mix of common sense and few innovative new ideas. Although it’s a tough task figuring out the best gift for your boyfriend, but here are a few gift ideas, what gifts to offer and exactly what not to, that is sure to tinker with your mind a bit.

There are a few choices that men never want as gifts. Although men are really kind in accepting all sorts of gifts from their pretty girlfriends, there are definitely few articles they absolutely hate. Continue reading to know what is a perfect Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend.


What not to buy your Boyfriend for Christmas?

First in the list of goods is jewelry. Boys hate ornaments. So during Christmas, one thing you must avoid gifting your boyfriend is jewelry or for that matter any ornamental stuff.

Music and movies are next on the list. No matter how much your man loves watching movies or an avid music lover, they can stand the sight of being gifted with a music CD or a movie DVD. The most simple and common reason is that this generation has been bred on listening to and watching to downloaded stuff, and they hate being gifted the same things over and again when it is accessible to them at their fingertips.

Similarly, it is also proven that men are phobic to cleanliness and are more or less outdoor freaks. Gifting them with any household stuff or any house décor would be the worst idea ever before buying any gift for your guy.

Another of the many gifts that you should avoid risking giving him is sporting goods. Again, your man might be a great follower of sports and watches sports madly on television but conversely it is also true that they are not the sort to love sporting goods in their real life.

Some gifts that he would love to receive from you

But just don’t get bogged down. There are also a thousand things that men really crave for and they just dream about those things and on top of it all, if their girlfriends gift them those gifts, there is absolute ecstasy in them. They become really the happiest person in the world. In this day and age, men are gadget freaks and they just love being gifted with a new phone, a new camera or a new tablet. If you are thinking of gifting your man with mobile phone, then you are simply on the right track. Gift them a new gadget with all the latest apps and features and you will become the most loved girl in the earth.


Men’s accessories

Next on the list are men’s accessories. A cool new pair of shoes, or a great looking wrist watch or even a cool pair of sunglasses will always make them happy. It can also include products like soap, perfume, deodorant etc. A complete gift basket can also be a lovely gift for your boyfriend.



Men often are busy making themselves look cook and they like being gifted stuff which will increase their fashion quotient. The next options in the list are clothes. Although people may argue that women are shopaholic but the true fact is that men are not far behind. Men love being dressed smartly and nothing will make them happy more than gifting them with a pair of trousers or a cool t-shirt.


Gifts for specific ones

And last but not the list there are usually some gifts that are specifically designed for some special type of men. Some are book lovers, some just like to go with ties or cuff links and some really like to wear watches. These are meant for the specific ones. When it comes to purchasing gifts for your boyfriend, then it is necessary that you determine a few important factors, like his age, hobbies, preferences etc. For instance, if he is a book lover and always love to add new books to his collection, then you can purchase the latest book and surprise him on this Christmas. If he is a foodie, then you can certainly bake a Christmas cake for him along with some cookies and etc. Home-made cards and gifts are also widely appreciated by boys, and they serve as long lasting memories!

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